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Gold StarRADIO: Morality in the 21st Century Rabbi (6 x 25mins) Lord Jonathan Sacks explores what morality means in the 21st century with some of the world's leading thinkers, together with voices from the next generation: groups of British 6th form students.

Gold Star WWF Advert Fight for your worldWWF TV ADVERT: We are the first generation that knows we are destroying the world and can be the last that can do anything about it. This is the choice. The food we eat, the things we buy, the way we live, we can win the biggest battles in the smallest moments, in every second of every day. Are you for the world or against it? It's time to decide . . .

Gold StarRADIO: Costing the Earth - Plasticphobia Could the war on plastic have unintended consequences for the environment? Tom Heap reports.

 Charlbury Green Hub aims to promote a better understanding of our local countryside, food, energy, travel, and the wider implications for our planet's limited resources and climate change. We write articles regularly in the local Charlbury Chronicle, do food demonstrations including fermentation and sourdough bread, make cider for local festivals, advise on growing apple trees, teach people to scythe, organise monthly tool sharpening visits in the spring, manage the DIY Spares webpage for free paint etc, take thermal images of properties for local householders, advise about making compost and also reducing food waste. We organise recycling at the local festivals, Charlbury Beer Festival, Riverside Festival, Wychwood Fair and Street Fair where we welcome help from volunteers, and we also run a variety of very popular events every year, which are open to all local people and again we welcome volunteers to get involved: 

  • Bring & Takes in March and October (also collect things for reuse or recycling - water filters, printer cartridges, mobile phones, spectacles, bras, batteries, light bulbs)
  • Big Apple Take-Aways every fortnight during September, October and November
  • Secure Paper Shredding every May and November
  • Farmers Market stalls every March, June, September, December where people can borrow environmental books (also collect things for reuse or recycling - water filters, printer cartridges, mobile phones, spectacles, bras, batteries, light bulbs)
  • Information display every September at the annual Wychwood Fair and Charlbury Street Fair

The calendar below covers environmental/sustainable/ethical events happening in Charlbury and beyond. If you would like to offer a lift to an event outside Charlbury then please contact us and we'll flag it up.

5x15 in London, 5 speakers 15 minutes each, held at various locations
Oxford Networks for the Environment (ONE) lists the many public lecture series, events, conferences and seminars across a whole range of departments at Oxford University that are related to the environment.
Good Food Oxford Food events to keep on top of GFO network and other good food-related events!
Cogges Farm Museum at Witney runs lots of interesting hands-on skills workshops.
Wychwood Project lists local environmental events and courses held throughout the year.
BBOWT, the local Wildlife Trust  list the many events organised throughout the year within Berks, Bucks and Oxon.
Earth Trust lists the events (many for families) and courses held throughout the year at Little Wittenham or Thrupp Lake, near Abingdon.
Daily Information lists What's On in Oxford Today.
Oxford Museum of Natural History  events, many aimed at families.
Interesting Talks Oxford Keeping track of interesting talks, lectures and seminars in and around Oxford

Upcoming events

PAPER SHREDDING: Paper Shredding at One Village, trading estate just over railway bridge, Charlbury

Wednesday 21 November 2018 18:30 to 19:00
Summary: Reduce the risk of identity theft, bring confidential paper waste for secure shredding, fund raiser for the Charlbury Community Centre Appeal and for hiring Memorial Hall for the next Bring & Take.
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FARMERS MARKET: Playing Close, Charlbury

Saturday 8 December 2018 09:00 to 13:00
Summary: Visit the Charlbury Green Hub stall to browse and borrow books, and bring bras, spectacles, batteries, printer cartridges, water filters, mobile phones, and lightbulbs for recycling
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