Electronics and Electrical Equipment

Electronics and electrical devices are becoming a huge waste problem. But what can you do if your phone is no longer supported with updates and is therefore insecure? And what can you do if your computer is now running slow? Buying new equipment is often more about following fashion than functional necessity.

11/01/18 - E-waste recycling is about to get as advanced as your iPhone Electronic-waste recycling will become as advanced as the products themselves. In the UK, a 2016 survey found that 24 per cent of discarded gadgets are dumped indiscriminately with other household garbage.

Reusing your mobile phone

Q. “I have and Android mobile phone that works but has slowed down and is not now supported by the manufacturer any more.”

A. If you have a Android based phone and it is on the this list then a newer lightweight operating system can be installed making the phone faster and more secure. If you do not have the technical skills to do this and live in the West Oxfordshire area please contact the Charlbury Green Hub and see if we can help you.

Q. “I have an iPhone which is 2 years old but the battery charge does not last that long any more”

A. iPhones batteries will only last about a couple of years before the battery starts to deteriorate. You can get a new battery fitted by an expert - Apple can do it for you iPhone Service Pricing  - OR you can do it yourself using the following DIY videos:

VIDEO: How To: Replace the iPhone 4's Battery in 2 Minutes

VIDEO: iPhone 5S Battery Replacement

VIDEO: How To: Replace The Battery on Your iPhone 6!

VIDEO: iPhone 7 Battery Replacement Guide (How To) - ScandiTech

VIDEO: iPhone 8 Teardown! - Screen and Battery Replacement

VIDEO: iPhone X Teardown! - Screen and Battery Replacement shown in 5 minutes

Buying new genuine batteries online is difficult, always do review research of what other customers have experienced. Fake batteries can cause fire.