Sharing Stuff

23/08/16 - Is the Library of Things an answer to our peak stuff problem? New social enterprise lending everything from spades to wetsuits is one of a new breed of organisations pitched as a democratic alternative to Uber and Airbnb.

Charlbury Green Hub loans

When you are running an event, it saves money and storage space (and global resources) to borrow things that are available from other people and groups within the town rather than to buy everything you need.

The following stuff can be borrowed locally from the Charlbury Green Hub, please contact us if you would like to borrow anything.

  • Display boards
  • A-frame noticeboard
  • Folding changing room screens
  • Full length mirrors
  • Fabrics for wall hangings etc
  • Fairy lights
  • Solar fairy lights
  • Table cloths
  • Durable plastic large/small plates and bowls
  • Durable silvery plastic cake slices and serving spoons
  • Durable silvery plastic cutlery (120 settings)
  • Large serving platters
  • Soup kettle
  • Pasteuriser
  • Long-handled apple pickers
  • Centrifugal mill for crushing apples
  • Apple press

If you or your group has stuff that can be loaned within Charlbury then please contact us to have the things listed.