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January 2018  "For your garden journey in 2018, keep questioning the common assumptions: see the Myths video below. You don’t need to till, you can compost roots of perennial weeds and leaves with late blight, rotation is not obligatory, you often don’t need to ‘harden off’ especially when using row covers, most of us don’t need fertilisers, and generally you can save yourself much time by looking for short cuts that are really common sense. Life is easier and cheaper for having no wooden sides to the beds." Charles Dowding

Managing your soil - Advice from Garden Organic

27/03/18 - Why So Many US Public Libraries Are Now Giving Out Seeds Seed-sharing programs in US libraries aim to expand access to crops and educate the public, while also protecting scarce agricultural resources.

23/02/13 - Weedkiller banned in US ‘is getting into compost and killing garden vegetables’Gardeners are calling for clopyralid, a resilient chemical banned in several American states, to be taken off the market in Britain