Sept 2020 - Bring OR Take

Published in Charlbury Chronicle September 2020

Sadly, for obvious reasons, we can’t hold our normal Bring & Take this October in the Memorial Hall so are planning to do something a bit different instead and we hope it will be fun for everyone. On a particular day, probably late September or early October, we will ask people to put the items they want to give away outside their home and let other people take them away. This sort of arrangement happens in other countries such as Australia and Germany and much closer to home in Oxford.

To make it easy, we’ll invite people to register with us about what they are giving away so that we can produce a map of Charlbury with locations and the sorts of thing that are available. The map will be available for printing from our website so that people can wander around Charlbury on foot and take what they want.

Electrical appliances (i.e. with a plug) will have to be PAT-tested by us before they could be given away and we will publish instructions about this beforehand. We will also publish guidelines including Health and Safety, particularly covering Covid-19 precautions to keep everyone safe.

On the day we will ask people to put a green flag of some sort outside their house along with the things they are offering to make it clear what’s available. At the end of the day they will just have to take anything left back inside.

This would of course be weather dependent, so if the forecast was bad for the original date, then it would have to be re-arranged.

Charlbury Green Hub