DIY Spares

DIY spares llogoThis is FREE paint from people in Charlbury, please phone the relevant contact number if you would like to take the paint. If you have spare paint that you would like to make available locally, then please take a photo and send the relevant details, including your contact phone number, to DIYspares AT so it can be included on this page. When someone has taken your paint, then please let us know so the page can be updated.

As we get more DIY stuff we will organise it into categories, like aisles in a virtual warehouse. Have a look in your garage or shed and decide what you would like to find a new home for, then take a photo and tell us about it.

Paint Type Colour Paint Can Brand Colour Name Finish Litres Contact Ref
Solvent-Based Colour Crown Pure Brilliant White Non-drip Gloss 0.7 01608 811940 G6
Solvent-Based Colour Dulux Colour Mix Pale Cream Eggshell 0.5 01608 811940 G9
Solvent-Based Colour B&Q Colours Strong Yellow Satinwood 0.6 01608 811940 G12
Water-Based Colour Crown Breathe Easy Soft Linen (off-white) Matt Emulsion 1.4 01608 811940 G7
Water-Based Colour Dulux Natural Hints Rose White (very pale pink) Matt Emulsion 1.5 01608 811940 G18
Water-Based Colour Dulux Editions Nature’s Touch Bleached Wood (cream) Matt Emulsion 1.8 01608 811940 G17
Water-Based Colour Homebase Clay (light brown) Matt Emulsion 1.3 01608 811940 G11
Solvent-Based Colour Dulux Naturels Natural Mocha (light brown) Satin Emulsion 2 01608 811940 G23
Water-Based Colour Dulux Colour Mix Kitchen & Bathroom Summer Pecan (deep buff) Silk Emulsion 0.8 01608 811940 G19
Water-Based Colour Dulux Bitter Chocolate Matt Emulsion 1.75 01608 811940 G2
Water-Based Colour Dulux Colour Mixing (pale apricot) Silk Emulsion 1 01608 811940 G22
Water-Based Colour Do-It-All Kitchen & Bathroom Seville Sensation (pale orange) Satin Emulsion 1.9 01608 811940 G24
Water-Based Colour Premier Soft Yellow (pale yellow) Silk Emulsion 0.9 01608 811940 G21
Water-Based Colour B&Q Colours Narcissi (strong yellow) Silk Emulsion 2x2.5 01608 811940 G15
Water-Based Colour Crown Breathe Easy Soft Khaki (pale green) Matt Emulsion 1.85 01608 811940 G8
Water-Based Colour Dulux (light green) Matt Emulsion 2.3 01608 811940 G14
Water-Based Colour B&Q Colours Spring (light green) Silk Emulsion 1.6 01608 811940 G4
Water-Based Colour Crown Carnaby (light green) Matt Emulsion 1.5 01608 811940 G3
Water-Based Colour Crown Period Colours Cashmere (warm grey) Matt Emulsion 2.5 01608 811940 G10
Water-Based Colour B&Q Colours Sky (light blue) Matt Emulsion 2.5/2.5/2.0 01608 811940 G16
Water-Based Colour Dulux (light blue) Matt Emulsion 2.5 01608 811940 G5
Water-Based Colour Dulux Colour Mix Madison Mauve (lilac) Satin Emulsion 0.5 01608 811940 G20
Speciality Colour Instarmac Ultra Bond-FP Acrylic additive for cement screeds grouts mortar Acrylic Additive 3.5/5.0 01608 811940 G26
Speciality Colour Farrow & Ball Plaster Primer oil based Plaster Primer 1.3 01608 811940 G25
Speciality Colour Ronseal Diamond Floor Varnish Clear Satin floor varnish Floor Varnish 1.6 01608 811940 G13
Speciality Colour Ronseal Fencelife Red Cedar fence paint Fence paint 1.4 01608 811940 G1