West Oxfordshire District Council spends around £650,000 each year cleaning streets and paths, which includes emptying bins and picking up litter. Compared to other districts, West Oxfordshire has low levels of litter and standards are higher than the national average. See the WODC Street Cleansing  page on their website for more information about litter, fly-tipping and dog fouling. Problem incidents can also be reported on-line. WODC supports groups carrying out litter picks in their own communities and have produced a litter information pack outlining ways they can help.

Dog Fouling

Charlbury is covered by the Chipping Norton Neighbourhood Action Group. There is concern about the amount of dog mess in the town - probably only down to a few careless owners but enough to make life unpleasant for everyone else. Charlbury is a very dog-friendly town and, to remain so, it is hoped that dog walkers follow these three basic rules:

  1. No dogs on the Playing Close
  2. All dogs must ne kept on a lead on the Nine Acres Recreation Ground
  3. Clear up after your dog anywhere in town and on all surrounding footpaths

There are bins for depositing dog mess on the Playing Close, Nine Acres, Dancers Hill, Bowls Club and where most footpaths join a public road. Any dog mess that has not be picked up should be reported to WODC - there is a form online.

Charlbury Post Office stock Bagees keyrings so that dog poo bags are readily available.

Advice about disposing of dog poo at home can be found on the Carry on Composting website.

Notes on a Dirty Island

In August 2008, in a BBC Panorama programme, Bill Bryson reflects that Britain now is "just not the place that I fell in love with" when he arrived more than 30 years ago. Bill Bryson looks at possible solutions to the growing litter problem in Britain.

08/08/08 - Bill Bryson attacks litter bugs and fly-tippers trashing Britain