Days Out and Holidays

Days out

Lots of tourists come to Oxfordshire, so why not have a holiday here at home? Lots of links on the right for places to go in a day from Charlbury - many of them accessible by train.

Check out the new, free Greentraveller’s Guide to the Cotswolds, highlighting great days out and holidays that can be enjoyed in a way that is low impact on the environment while also benefiting livelihoods, landscapes and biodiversity within the AONB. You’ll find plenty of tips on eateries that serve local food, heritage gems and inspiration for walking, cycling and other activities.


Lots of links on the right for interesting holidays in UK and Europe which don't have to involve flying.

30/08/18 - RADIO: Open Country: Childhood holidays in Pembrokeshire (25 mins) Charlotte Smith goes on a trip down memory lane, visiting St Davids in Pembrokeshire. It's the area where she spent many of her childhood summer holidays - but a place she hasn't been back to in forty years. She meets the family still running the farm and campsite where she used to stay as a child, learns how to forage for food in rock pools along the shore, and discovers that the 21st century has found a new use for a disused slate quarry. Life may be very different from how it was in the 1970s, but Charlotte finds nostalgia in the unchanging nature of the Welsh landscape.

Considering a ‘staycation’ this year? The trend for last-minute bookings has led to a barrage of bargains, we're returning to the unspoiled corners of Britain and to scenes from our childhood. In 2012, Britons spent £2bn renting holiday homes and apartments in the UK.

Wallace & Gromit's Great UK Adventure   spearheads VisitEngland's 2013 Holidays at Home are GREAT campaign.

 . . . and behind the scenes

27/09/10 - On your bike: Five great cycling holidays for free-wheeling families in northern France France’s cycle paths, known as voies vertes, offer stunning scenery, plus plenty of tempting stop-offs where you can refuel on crêpes, cider, apple juice and other local goodies.

"Dieppe to Forges les Eaux: 55km of glorious tarmaced railway path, adorned with cafés, hassle-free road crossings and old signals. Perfect." Richard

Staying in historic buildings

The Landmark Trust is a charity that gives new life to castles, forts, follies, towers and cottages. Once restored, these extraordinary places are let for holidays and short breaks - the income pays for their upkeep and secures their future . Dr Anna Keay, Director of The Landmark Trust talks about what makes Landmark special to her.

Landmark Trust's Philosophy of Repair at Llwyn Celyn

Challenges for conservation are shown at Winsford Cottage Hospital in Devon, which the Landmark Trust is trying to save. The film shows the loving care and attention put into restoring Landmark Trust buildings that we are then so lucky to be able to stay in.

Working holidays

Also a few links on the right for working holidays, which can be a great way to make new friends.

Skiing holidays

“In Austria, most of the ski stations are mid to low level, and in 30 to 50 years, they will all be out of business because the snow will be gone” – Sergio Savoia, Director World Wildlife Fund’s Alpine Programme, interviewed by Leo Hickman for his seminal book, The Final Call

Responsible skiing holidays are ones that don’t wreck the landscape and also tie in with local communities in a positive way. Culturally and economically. In this section, however, it is not so much cross country skiing that we discuss, but why downhill skiing makes us cross. Read and have a think if you agree that it is a slippery slope.

20/10/15 - How ski resorts are gaining green credentials and skiiers can reduce their environmental impact Skiing is undeniably great fun but the bad news is that there's a price to pay for your annual adrenalin rush, and it's the environment that's picking up the bill. From energy-guzzling resorts to the bulldozing of fragile Alpine slopes in order to create red runs, the reality is that skiing is one of the most environmentally destructive sports on the planet.  The good news, though, is that a growing number of Alpine resorts are now waking up to the sport's negative impact and working hard to reduce the environmental fallout. For most resorts, a pristine environment is crucial for their economic survival. “We have to protect our mountains: this is what our tourists and skiers come for,” says Eric Fournier, mayor of Chamonix, the French town that sits at the foot of Mont Blanc, Europe's highest mountain.