Charlbury Green Hub

POP-UP MARKET: Pop-up SESI Detergent Refill Station at Spendlove car park

Thursday 13 February 2020 15:30 to 17:30

Spendlove carpark, alongside Deep's sourdough bread stall - Second Thursday of the month APART FROM March, June, September, or December when the monthly refill station is held at Charlbury Farmers Market on the second Saturday of those months

Refill price per litre + 50p for initial bottle
£2.00/litre Washing-up liquid (unfragranced) - 500ml bottle
£2.00/litre Washing-up liquid (spiced ginger) - 500ml bottle
£2.50/litre Non-bio laundry liquid (unfragranced) - 1 litre bottle
£3.00/litre Biological laundry liquid (fragranced) - 1 litre bottle
£2.00/litre Fabric conditioner (cologne) - 1 litre bottle
£7.00/litre Delicate and hand laundry liquid (unfragranced) - 500ml bottle
£2.00/litre All purpose cleaner (lavender & rosemary) - 500ml bottle
£3.00/litre Cream cleanser (fragranced) - 500ml bottle
£1.00/litre White vinegar for cleaning - 1 litre bottle
£1.50/litre Window and glass cleaner (sea grass) - 500ml spray bottle
£2.40/litre Toilet cleaner (lotus & sea salt) - 1 litre bottle
£2.00/litre Hard water rinse aid for dishwashers - 1 litre bottle
£6.00/litre Fig hand soap - 500ml pump dispenser
£6.00/litre English rose hand soap - 500ml pump dispenser

We also collect things for reuse or recycling - water filters, printer cartridges, mobile phones, spectacles, bras, batteries, light bulbs.