Public asked to help survey health of ash trees across UK

The Living Ash Project is asking members of the public to report information about the health of ash trees, especially those that may have some tolerance to Chalara (ash dieback).

Launching 22 April 2014, anyone can log into an online survey, and report on the health of an ash tree, not just this year, but over the next few years.  Working with the University of East Anglia’s Adapt Group, a new function has been added to the AshTag app. Members of the public can log into the website.

The Living Ash Project team are most interested in larger trees but any tree can be surveyed. They are particularly keen to survey ash trees in every corner of Britain, because the genetics of ash trees vary across the country. Ideally, the trees selected need to be surveyed every year for at least three years, so that a detailed picture of their health is built up.

People who want to find out more can visit the Living Ash Project website   to take the survey and to get free tags to track the health of their tree.

Apr 22, 2014 Category: Environment Posted by: cje