Charlbury Green Hub

TOOL SHARPENING: Spendlove, Charlbury

Saturday 1 June 2019 09:00 to 13:00

Bring along your old tools to get them sharpened rather than throw them away and buy new. They also have a supply of organic horse manure in bags.

Sharpening Services from Eynsham (07831 261082) are coming to the Spendlove the first Saturdays in April, May, and June this year. They sharpen secateurs, shears, loppers, knives, scissors, saws, screwdrivers, hoes, spades, & planes. They can also arrange to sharpen and service lawn mowers for you.

Price list:  Secateurs £7.50. Long handled pruners  £7.50. Shears £9.50. Scissors £1.50-£5.50. Knives £1.50-£4.50. Screwdrivers £1.50-£4.50. Saws £8.50-£12.50. Chainsaws £25-£40. Shovels £6.50-£8.50. Planes £5.50. Lawn mowers sharpened & serviced £25-£50. Cylinder mowers sharpened & serviced £25-80.

Discount negotiable on the day depending on how many items you take along.