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Welcome to Oxon:EEK, providing Oxfordshire with energy efficiency knowledge. Here you can expect to find useful information about how to reduce your carbon footprint. You may be interested in the money you will save or you may be interested in reducing your own personal climate impact. Either way you will find here information on:

  • Reducing your energy use and waste at home
  • How you could generate renewable energy yourself
  • Tips from local people who know about doing this
  • Links for further reading
  • Case studies from local people who have done it recently

Share your experiences

If you live in Oxfordshire and have had any experience in these energy efficiency measures, then your comments can be included on the site. Just fill in this simple form and send it through to

Every home has a different energy profile


Whatever yours is, you are likely to be losing heat through the roof, walls, windows, doors and floor.

Oxon:EEK is designed by Low Carbon Oxford North to help you reduce the heat losses you are experiencing and to think about whether you could also generate your own energy and move towards more energy efficient homes.

Low Carbon Oxford North

Jul 3, 2015 Category: Energy Posted by: cje